Player Profile Template

How do you help your college soccer interested kid create a player profile (soccer resume) that doesn’t look like…well…crap? Maybe we can help. 

This Template offers:


Really easy to edit--no graphic design skills needed.


Color, Images, League, Club, and HS logos - Stand out from the pack! 

Easily Scannable

Hits the high points without writing things coaches won’t read anyway.

Get the template for only $10 at Etsy:

Have fun with this and hope it helps! But here’s the deal:

  • You’ll need to have a 9th grade level of Computer and Microsoft Office skills. All you have to do is click on each image placeholder and drop in your image. If you don’t like that image, just delete it and then go select another image. Same for the text. Just start typing (less is more). If you want to change font size, font style, font color, etc–all good. It’s Office. Really simple.
  • You’ll need to have photos of your kid and logos from the league, club and high school. This is super easy to download online with a Google Image Search
  • If your logo images are being cropped after plugging them in – 1. select different images or 2. edit them in your phone to a different size, or 3. delete the image you just placed that was cropped funky. Now, with no image in the placeholder area, resize the placeholder to be taller/wider/both to fit the image that was previously cropped. Now place your image, resize if needed by dragging the box around and you should be good to go. May have to tinker a bit, but it’s not hard. 
  • Save the file as BOTH a PowerPoint AND a PDF. Only send the PDF to soccer coaches.
  • If you want to the 301 course and need to change the colors, delete or change fixed template elements, etc. you’ll need to edit the slide master in PPT. If you want to learn how to do that–there is a video on that below (not mine). 

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