Top 20 things kids get from club soccer: And the 11 year old GotSoccer #1 national rating is not on the list.

Here are the top 20 things I think kids should learn from club soccer:

  1. How to fall down
  2. How to pick yourself up
  3. How to persevere, never back down and never quit
  4. How to get it done–even when you’re not in the mood
  5. How to give your whole heart to and commit to a group goal
  6. How to be a leader
  7. How to be a follower
  8. To do something because they love it, and not for anyone else.
  9. How to fight (not literally)
  10. How to push themselves beyond expectations
  11. How to be pushed and take direction
  12. How to think quickly
  13. How to act selflessly
  14. How to work together
  15. How to work alone
  16. The love of teammates
  17. That team is always first
  18. What if feels like to cry from a tough loss
  19. What if feels like to cry from an exhausting win
  20. To understand that the best outcomes are born from falling in love with the process, not the result.

Oh, and a lot of that soccer stuff too 🙂  You see, almost none of the little stars out there will play Division I soccer.  Or even college soccer at all. And please notice the 11 year old #1 national gotsoccer rating is not on the list.  But all will take something with them that is more important. They will take these 20 things into their professions, families and communities because these skills will have attached to their character since their youth soccer days. And while I would hope that all young adults have these things, as an employer I can guarantee you…they don’t.

Club soccer is a crazy commitment, more than many activities and sports, but what would you give to offer your kid a chance to live these qualities?

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