Game of Soccer Thrones: Four Sideline Chairs To Consider

As a soccer parent, you know how important a quality sideline chair can be. Often, you’re there an hour before game time, through the game and then, heaven forbid, someone sees lightning 40 miles away and you’re caught in the washing machine of weather delays. Your sideline throne is used for bouncing younger children, scheming with other like-minded parents on a wide variety of issues, a launchpad to yell at refs (try not to do that), and a flag to mark your territory.

Here are 4 sideline chairs you need to think about (click each to learn more):

The YETI. I had to put this thing on the list because it’s strong enough to comfortably hold a mom with 4 children on her lap. I also know there are a ton of soccer parents playing luxury SUV bingo and are all about that sideline look. So, for you brand name, gotta be cool people, this will undoubtedly fit the bill. It d@#n well better, it’s like $300.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair. This thing is my choice. At about $80, it’s been through snow, sleet, 1000 degree summers and a chubby guy plopping into it 25 times a game. The rocking feature (shock powered) is smooth, the chair is wide and comfortable, and folds easily. It even has an option for shade (an additional $20 or so). The carrying bag is not super compact or light, so if you are that parent that has to schlepp 4 chairs, a cooler, toys, and 3 blankets in one trip from the van, this one may not be the choice for that reason alone.

PORTAL Oversized Quad Folding Camping Chair High Back Hard Armrest. If you want a rocking feature, durable chair that easily folds into a shoulder-strapped bag, this might be the ticket. For around $80, You can rock your nervousness away with an old-school rocking chair type of functionality that supports up to 300 lbs.. Some people say this chair is uncomfortable and they may have a point, but it’s a sideline chair. I wouldn’t over-index comfort.

Timber Ridge Camping Chair. So, you’re a minimalist (or cheap) and just want a good folding chair that fits into a shoulder bag and won’t have to be replaced every 6 months. If this describes you or your need, gotta look at this one for around $50. Slightly more expensive than the Wal-Marts, massively more durable and longer-lasting but appeals to those looking to save some money around this soccer thing somewhere

Check ‘em out.

All are generally available at the Amazon links above, but remember, spending a little more money up front can keep you from constantly spending over time.

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