Things club soccer parents say: The club is not developing my kid.

Maybe a focus problem there.  Clubs only give kids the tools to get better, whether they use them or not is up to the kid. Could this maybe be an important teaching moment for…I don’t know…life? Each kid MUST own their development in the game.  There is no exception to this.  Ever.  Whether 8 or […]

Too many middle & upper class white kids in club soccer?

In my last post I offered a primer on the finances of club soccer.  The financial commitment is significant.  I’ve traveled from state to state with my 2 girls seeing a fraternity of relatively non-diverse people chasing the sport and lots of middle and upper-class white kids. I am a white dude that grew up […]

D@&% this is expensive: Money & Club Soccer

Competitive soccer is a significant commitment.  In family time, service and most certainly money. Most families entering club soccer are often surprised at the degree of the financial commitment especially. It is best to think about club soccer expenses like your car expenses.  There are fixed expenses, like financing and insurance.  But there are also […]

Soccer coaches to be wary of

Now that we have coverd the good from competitive soccer coaches, they also do some stuff that is not-so-good.  Money in the system (their salaries and bonuses) is a great thing and a terrible thing. Paying properly licensed coaches is a great and well-intended thing, but unmanaged…I think I read something about good intentions paving […]

Understanding Club Soccer Coaches: The Background

Soccer coaching is different. Very different than the group of dads that played American football for 10 years now coaching your son. Youth soccer in an effort to bring quality to the game and better players institutes a licensing system for it’s coaches. And while there are 2 major US based licensing groups, the one […]